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NOORI Aethetics & Laser



We specialize in a Brazilian wax.

Fullbody $120 (not including Face)

Fullbody With Brazilian $135 (not including Face)

Full Legs $45

Full Legs and Bikini Lines $60

Half Legs $30

Arms $25

Half arms $22

Underarms $10

Back $25

Stomach $20

Brazilian $35

Bikini lines $25

Full Face $25

Brows $13

Upper lips $7

Chin $7

Professional and expert hair removal using wax. For best results, hair should be 5–10mm in length (pls don't shave at least for 2 to 3 weeks before getting a wax done).

Please note: Waxing is not a suitable method of hair removal if you are using any of the following (currently or within the last three months): Retinal A, Accutane or any medication that increases skin exfoliation. Waxing is not suitable if you are sunburned or have received a recent laser hair removal or skin re-surfacing treatment on the area to be waxed.

Laser Hair Removal

We have cynosure elite mpx and sharp light laser machines   

we uses the Elite MPX, our proven MultiPlex™ laser technology that delivers real results, fast! Recognized as the most versatile platform today.

The best IPL technology available for elite laser centers and elite med-spas in Calgary

With the Elite MPX, you won’t have to compromise results by offering one wavelength that can only effectively treat a small range of skin types and conditions. That’s because its revolutionary technology sequentially combines gold standard wavelengths in one system: the 755 nm Alexandrite laser, 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser.

Full Face $80

Upper lip $25

Chin $25

Neck $40

Sideburns $25

Cheeks $25

Feet $20

Hands $20

Underarms $40

Arms $125

Nipples $20

Full Abdomen $100+

Full Back $125+

Belly line $25

Bikini $ 50

Brazilian $125

Lower legs $150

upper legs $175

Full legs/ $250

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes. This is done to achieve the look of wearing mascara without having to apply makeup daily.

Eyelash Tinting $20

Eyebrow Tinting$12


Threading is performed by twisting a piece of cotton thread and then dragging this over the hairs. This motion gently pulls the hairs out with only a slight discomfort to the patient. Threading is natural, involves no creams or pastes, and is ideal for any type of skin. 1 of the advantages of this method is that it does not damage the skin.

full Face threading $35

Eyebrow $13

Lips $7

Chin $7

forehead $7



Full Body $100

Full Body+Face $110

Back $40

Photo Facial IPL $80


Cleansing $40

Teen $50

Ageing $75

Hydrating $75

Microdermabrasion+facial $10

Hydra Facial

HydraFacial MD® is a transformational skin experience that takes the traditional facial and peels to a whole new level. We have not been this excited about treatment in a long time and we know you are going to LOVE it HydraFacial MD® is a non-invasive, multistep treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydradermabrasion, a mild chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching and you can actually see what has been removed from your skin – kinda gross but also really satisfying too!) and a special delivery of Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. It does all of this in one 30-40 minute treatment and it delivers immediate results without downtime or irritation

Face and neck $120

 Lash lift

A semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes a perfectly curled effect with added definition. Our Lift specialists are precise and take the time to perfect each individual eyelash with care. A lash lift will last 4-6 weeks with no maintenance or damage and is a great alternative to eyelash extensions. Includes a rich black-toned lash tint to polish off the look  

Lash Lift $50

Lash Lift with Tint $70